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Sweet Pea Seeds

How to Save Sweet Pea Seeds

Sweet peas are a beautiful flower to have in your garden. They bloom early in the spring, produce flowers over ...

Freezing Cherry Tomatoes: An Easy Way to Preserve the Harvest

Do you have more cherry tomatoes than you can eat? Are you wondering what you can do with them? Try ...
pink four o'clock flowers

How to Grow Four o’Clock Flowers

Four o'clock flowers are an easy-to-grow garden favorite. Many people have never heard of four o'clock flowers. Until about four ...


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Garden Updates

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Garden Planning

January Garden Checklist

The weather is cold but there is still plenty to do in the garden! Here are some tips and ideas ...

Why Garden Planning Starts in September

Our garden is starting to wind down for the year. The green beans are about done, and we just picked ...